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Apple iPod touch 8 GB, Old (1st Generation)

Apple iPod touch 8 GB, Old (1st Generation)

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We are interested in the Lastest model of Apple iPod touch 8 GB, Old (1st Generation) from amazon and I read about that ,I think that wonderfull.

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Great unit5
The kids had this for probably years now - just got around to the review. I just wish I would see them use it more.

Way too many electronic toys these days.

Exciting to explore - unrefined overall2
A friend gave me one for my birthday last year (!) and as an avid/budding interaction designer, I enjoyed exploring the brave new iWorld.

But other than for playing around, I would trade it for a similarly-priced Apple iPod classic 120 GB Black (6th Generation) without hesitation.

I currently use a Blackberry Pearl 8100 Unlocked Phone -- International Version with No Warranty (Black with Silver) as my regular phone and other than its senility in old age, it's a great device. GMail, for example, works much better on the Pearl than the iPod Touch - I can navigate between messages and pages faster on the Pearl, the Blackberry GMail client pre-loads the messages so I'm not constantly waiting for them to download, and typing with real buttons is faster (even with the Pearl's funky multi-keyed button layout) than the Touch's virtual buttons.

GMail is just one application - more broadly, I'm frequently forced to click the home-button (which quits whatever application I'm running), go to Settings and reconnect to a wireless network, and then re-start whatever application I was trying to use in the first place. If there's a network available, why can't the iPod Touch automatically connect to it when the application makes a request? Otherwise, the (virtual) volume button on the Music application is squirrely and requires a fair amount of practice and patience - I'm baffled as to why the iPhone has a real/physical volume button and the iPod Touch does not. Another oddity with the volume slider is its side-to-side orientation, every other virtual and physical volume control in the world is oriented up-and-down.. "please turn the volume left a little"?

For all the usability bugs in this product, I am genuinely impressed by the speed, reliability and usability of the Safari web browser on such a tiny screen. My "flow state" moments with the iPod Touch have been using the web browser - it's amazing how well Apple worked this out - I wouldn't believe it without experiencing it myself.

I will get an iPhone when the next version comes out (because I'm building iPhone apps), but I'm nervous about switching based on my experience with the iPod Touch.

Did not work but great customer service1
The ipod did not work when it arrived and shipping was veryyyyy slow, but it was an easy return. I would reccommend this seller.

About Apple iPod touch 8 GB, Old (1st Generation) detail

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #2347 in Consumer Electronics
  • Size: 8 GB
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Apple
  • Model: MA623LL/A
  • Released on: 2007-09-30
  • Dimensions: 4.30" h x 2.40" w x .31" l, 1.00 pounds
  • Display size: 3.5


  • This player is the iPod touch, not the Apple iPhone
  • Upgrade your player with the iPhone 2.0 Software Update for iPod touch via iTunes for an additional fee
  • 8 GB of storage provides approximately 1,750 songs; includes earphones, USB cable, dock adapter/connector, polishing cloth, and stand
  • Battery life provides up to 22 hours of music and up to 5 hours of video
  • Music downloads from iTunes, Wi-Fi web browsing, and 3.5-inch widescreen multi-touch display

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